DSD Special Session


Sustainability has become an increasingly important challenge in numerous aspects of today’s society. While technology advances at a high speed, it has an increasing impact on the environment – and digital computing platforms are a part of it. Computing by itself not only consumes a vast amount of natural resources but also causes emissions during production and environmental pollution at the end of life.

The Special Session on Sustainable Digital System Design focuses on novel design concepts to make hardware and software more sustainable. While conventional digital systems are disposed of after a too short lifetime, prolonging their operation is important to meet today’s sustainability goals. This Special Session is an opportunity to present new approaches and solutions for the sustainability, (long-term) maintainability, upgradeability, and longevity of digital systems, their design methodologies, architectures, and applications in both hardware and software. This includes pointing out challenges and opportunities to increase the sustainability within the design of digital systems, ultimately extending the lifetime significantly to delay the disposal and replacement.


Focus topics can be but are not limited to

  • Reusability of devices through hardware and software updates
  • Long-term maintenance of hardware and software for increased longevity
  • Design methodologies to increase the lifetime of systems
  • ASIC design flows for sustainable devices and applications
  • Reconfigurable processor architecture concepts for longevity
  • FPGA backend design flows for sustainable embedded devices
  • Reduced energy consumption & application specific designs to adjust resource requirements to the actual needs of the application
  • Sustainable computing architectures and operating systems
  • Future-proof system software and operating system concepts
  • Testing and verification of updates and update or maintenance mechanisms
  • Hardware and software designs and methodologies for better traceability, interoperability and modularity


Special Session Chairs

Important Dates

Submission Guidelines

Technical Program Committee

  • Bernhard Aichernig (Graz University of Technology, AT)
  • Stephan Busch (Fraunhofer EMI, DE)
  • Steven Derrien (University of Rennes/IRISA, FR)
  • Meinhard Kissich  (Graz University of Technology, AT)
  • Michael Krisper  (Pro2Future GmbH, AT)
  • Renata Martins Gomes  (Fronius International GmbH, AT)
  • Maxime Pelcat  (INSA Rennes/IETR, FR)
  • Elena-Ioana Vatajelu (TIMA, FR)