DSD Special Session


In the wake of RISC-V and its opensource ISA, this special session aims to gather recent and promising results around the comprehensive opensource hardware and software ecosystem, including RISC-V hardware implementations along with the opensource software tools, methodologies, and software stack to build end-to-end opensource computing devices.



Authors are invited to submit regular papers following the submission guidelines. Topics include but are not limited to:

  •  RISC-V hardware implementations (extensions, SIMD, packed instructions, micro-architecture optimisations)
  •  system integration, hardware accelerators
  •  opensource software tools for design, evaluation, verification, validation,  simulation
  •  opensource software stack, OS support, virtualisers, hypervisors, compilers and runtime
  •  opensource (hardware and software) for reliability, quality, fault-tolerance, security


Special Session Chairs

Important Dates

Submission Guidelines

Technical Program Committee

  • will be announced soon